Important Compliance System Update

This is an important message regarding the electronic compliance system.  This impacts programs that have multiple CAPA or First Year Implementation  requirements under one IRN.

Currently the system does not upload documentation specific to each grant.  This means if you have more than one grant, the documents are populating in all of the grants that have a survey connected to the organization. We expect a system enhancement in the future.

Programs should implement the following work-around:

Programs with multiple grants in the monitoring process should name all evidence documents very specifically.  For example,

B1 Roster Grant # 3333

B1 Roster Grant #3334

B1 Roster Grant #3335

Programs should be sure to select the appropriate document title from the list of documents in the yellow box and then add the specific title in the document name box. There is a crosswalk between the documents and indicators on the monitoring page.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your ODE program consultant.





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