Updated Registration Information

Register now for the Ohio Statewide Extended Learning Summit
The last day to register is January 11, 2015

To register for the Ohio Statewide Extended Learning Summit, click on
Select – register for this event

You do not need an OPIN to register for the event. The system will automatically assign you an OPIN if you would like to use it in the future to sign up for other professional development opportunities.

Complete all of the information. Under employment type, most people will choose ODE licensed program. Using this drop down option will allow you to enter your IRN and your job title and employer. You can choose this option even if you are not licensed by ODE. Then click on register

Choose which session you are registering for – the whole conference or the 1 day treasurer track. (this is done in the drop down under Sessions Available)

If you are paying by credit card, select proceed to checkout (if you are attending the 1 day treasurer track make sure it is selected under the option name)

If you are paying with a PO or Check – select the session you are attending under option name
then select proceed to checkout

If you are paying by PO or Check. You will receive an invoice 1-2 weeks after registering. You will make checks payable to OCCRRA. You can send them in before the summit or bring them with you to registration.
Send them to:

2760 Airport Drive
Suite 160
Columbus, Ohio 43219

PO’s will not be accepted at the door. Payment must be received prior to attending the Summit.

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