Compliance System Enhancement

Subject: New Dashboard Communication and Video Instructions

 New, modern dashboard and task management system improve ease of compliance monitoring

 Today the Department is launching a new compliance and monitoring dashboard. This online tool is more convenient and reliable to help you monitor and facilitate your organization’s compliance with the requirements of federal and state grants. The dashboard interface is available in the compliance and parent scholarship application programs, and will be expanded to other grant programs in the coming months

While you will see a new look, the surveys you need to complete are not changing. In place of the old blue boxes, you will see a new dashboard displaying your district’s status of open and completed tasks to help you keep on track. Additionally, the dashboard will provide access to helpful tips and job aids tailored to your role and program. And there is a special section that the Department will communicate key information and deadlines. 

Here are two short videos to explain how you access the improved dashboard and task management system through your SAFE account. The task management function allows you to monitor tasks for you, your group and organization and to assign tasks to different users. Additional modules will incorporate the dashboard and task management system over the coming months.

Please direct any questions to and enter Compliance Questions in the subject line.



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