FY18 Orientation and Ohio Statewide Summit for Enrichment and Education – Registration CLOSING SOON!

Greetings 21st CCLC Sub-Grantees!  This is a friendly reminder to register for the FY18 All-Grantee Orientation and Statewide Summit for Enrichment and Education: please go to https://ssee.eventnut.com/register, as the link WILL CLOSE promptly tomorrow, September 12th, at the end of business. When you register, you MUST know your grant number(s).  If you are not sure what your grant number(s) are, a listing is provided here: https://21stcenturylearningcenters.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/fy18-active-21st-cclc-grants.pdf. The option to insert N/A is for McKinney-Vento Grantees ONLY.  Both the orientation and the summit will take place at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center locate at 100 Green Meadows Drive South, Lewis Center, Ohio 43035. The actual person registering needs to attend on behalf of your programs’ grant(s).

Please Note Schedule Change: due to unforeseen circumstances, unfortunately, breakfast will NOT be served during this year’s orientation and summit – lunch will still be offered.  Please plan accordingly and we thank you in advance for your understanding.

If you are still in need of overnight lodging, to go https://ssee.eventnut.com/venuehotel for more information.  Please direct all questions to ode@pmm-agency.com.

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