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21st Century Community Learning Centers and McKinney-Vento Statewide Summit for Enrichment and Education Awards Announcement

The Ohio Department of Education – Center for Continuous Improvement, 21st CCLC and McKinney-Vento – hosted the Summit on Education and Enrichment awards.  Awards are presented annually to an outstanding program, school or individual that focuses on the progression of education for students in the state of Ohio.

Winning applicants were selected in the following categories: 1) Academic Improvement in Reading and Literacy; 2) Positive Youth Development; 3) Parent and Family Engagement; 4) Academic Improvement in Math; 5) An Individual Award recognizing someone who has gone above and beyond in preparing our next generation of leaders; and 6) The McKinney-Vento Program Award.

The award recipients were selected based on creativity, effectiveness in achieving student’s academic success and a strong positive impact on students and innovation.

Please click on the link for more information:

FY19 Expanded Learning Summit Awards Announcement

21st CCLC Program Shares – October 2018

Kudos to Gallia-Vinton ESC (Southeast Region) and Center of Hope (Northwest Region) for the work they are doing within their schools, and the impact they are having in their communities!

Please see our Program Shares pages for more information: https://21stcenturylearningcenters.wordpress.com/posts/.

If you have program highlights that you would like to share, please email your 21st CCLC Regional Consultant by the 9th of every month:

Northeast: charmaine.davis@education.ohio.gov

Northwest: charlotte.jones-ward@education.ohio.gov

Central:  nina.pace@education.ohio.gov

Southeast: charlotte.jones-ward@education.ohio.gov

Southwest:  nina.pace@education.ohio.gov

Many thanks to our 21st CCLC programs, for their tireless efforts and hard work – in supporting Ohio’s youth and their families!