SAFE Portal Offline (May 10-13), Due to OH|ID Integration

As part of the integration with OH|ID and myOhio, the ODE SAFE portal will go offline on Friday, May 10 at 5 p.m. The portal will remain offline all weekend, which means users will not have access to any applications within SAFE during this period.

The new portal should be live on Monday, May 13 at 7 a.m. and applications will be accessible to all education users at that time. The “Login” link at the top of the Ohio Department of Education homepage and all existing bookmarks to the SAFE login page should redirect to the new myOhio login page.

Note: Current SAFE users may receive several automated confirmation emails this weekend. Please ignore these emails, as they are part of the integration process.

See the information below for more information about the SAFE to myOhio integration process.


Why is this integration happening? 

The purpose of this integration is to create an easy-to-use, intuitive user experience that lets customers access their applications from anywhere, anytime. This integration also will provide a single sign-on location to access both Department applications and other state applications available on myOhio. Lastly, the portal integration will use the latest security best practices to safeguard important customer data.
View this myOhio infographic for more details on the employee login process.


How can external users (i.e. 21st CCLC grantees) get assistance with their questions?

External users will experience a different process than Department employees, as SAFE will be integrated with OH|ID for them. All external users with existing SAFE accounts will have their profiles automatically converted. Most of these users will have to create OH|ID accounts to access their existing SAFE applications. Brand new users who do not have SAFE accounts will have to create both OH|ID accounts and Department of Education profiles. This infographic further details the OH|ID integration process for external users.

A new webpage ( offers resources to support the OH|ID integration. If you receive questions from the field about the new OH|ID platform, this page has information to assist external users with the transition.

Call Center and ITO Help Desk Support

The Department’s Call Center and the ITO Help Desk have been trained to help users who may have questions. The Department’s toll-free phone number (877-644-6338) and Contact Center email ( will be provided as the main contact for external customers using OH|ID. The Department’s ITO Help Desk also will support external customers, as well as serve as the main contact for Department employees needing support.

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