FY20 21st CCLC Continuing Updates Webinar is NOW AVAILABLE


For those awarded in FY18 and FY19 ONLY, the FY20 Continuing Grantee Updates pre-recorded webinar is now available here and, for future reference, on the PROGRAM MONITORING tab of the website:

*NEW* FY20 21st CCLC Continuing Grantee Webinar

It is required that those in this category please take time to watch once posted.


If there are any questions, please contact your regional consultant directly:

Northeast: charmaine.davis@education.ohio.gov or (614) 387-0460

Northwest: charlotte.jones-ward@education.ohio.gov or (614) 466-8920

Central:  nina.pace@education.ohio.gov or (614) 387-0344

Southeast: charlotte.jones-ward@education.ohio.gov or (614) 466-8920

Southwest:  nina.pace@education.ohio.gov or (614) 387-0344


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