21st Century Community Learning Centers

Beyond the school day support to help Ohio students succeed

21st CCLC Program Shares – March 2020

Kudos to Omega Community Development Corporation, Western Buckeye ESC and Richmond Heights Local SD for the work they are doing for their youth and families via the 21st CCLC grant program, and the impact it is leaving on the communities served!

Please read below for more information for each grantee’s current work/accomplishments through March 2020:

Omega Community Development Corporation (Southwest Region) – Monthly Newsletter – March 2020

*Click on the image for the full newsletter*

Omega - March 2020 Newsletter Clip

Western Buckeye ESC (Northwest Region) – Programming Highlights

The 21st CCLC site at Grover Hill Elementary hosted Buckeyeman, who talked about the benefits and joys of testing.  This was an assembly for the school to hear that everything you want to do in life revolves around taking some kind of test.  Drivers license, schooling, etc.


Richmond Heights Local School District (Northeast Region) – Programming Highlights

In their 21st CCLC program at Richmond Heights Local Schools, the students of the RiseUp Afterschool Program are leading a broadcasting club called Spartan Nation News (after their mascot).

The students have been creating news segments – creating a special edition called Becoming Black History.  They have featured late comedian John Witherspoon, award-winning gymnast Simone Biles, and now, late basketball superstar Kobe Bryant.

Check out the Kobe Bryant edition below, as well as the link for a commercial students created, to spread the word about their program!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IylV2XHn7BE  (Kobe)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=352rDZUbHjg (program commercial)


If you have program highlights that you would like to share, please email Charmaine Davis-Bey with a brief description and any attachments/links at charmaine.davis@education.ohio.gov by the 9th of every month:




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