21st CCLC Program Shares – April 2020

Kudos to all of our programs during this time. As we practice social distancing and learn new ways to connect with our teams and our students, Communities in Schools (GEMS K-5 Program), Wood County ESC (Rossford STARS Program), the CARE Program at Cleveland Playhouse and Center of Hope (ELEVATE After School Program) continue to support their youth and families via the 21st CCLC grant program. Please read below for more information for each grantee’s current work/accomplishments through April 2020:

Communities in Schools (Central Region)

Attached are photos from the Communities In Schools GEMS K-5 After School Program (hover for captions):

These photos were taken prior to the stay at home order for the State of Ohio.

Wood County ESC (Northwest Region)

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Community Learning Centers of the Wood County ESC are trying to find ways to continually engage our students from a distance.

Miss Taylor, Site Supervisor of the Rossford STARS Program, has gone above and beyond in not only finding unique activities that students can do from home, but ones that are also motivating and enlightening, especially during this time of unknown.  These links show what she has done to spread some cheer and positivity to our STARS students and local community.  Not only do we like to share the amazing things our program does, but we like to highlight the incredible staff we have as well.

Miss Taylor’s Window Art

Sidewalk Chalk Art!

Cleveland Playhouse (Northeast Region)

ZeeBooZeeBoo is a teddy bear puppet used in CARE (Compassionate Arts Remaking Education) classes at the Cleveland Playhouse. He provides a listening ear for students to tell their fears to. ZeeBoo is now part of CARE’s online classes to help kids navigate their feelings of confusion and anger over the coronavirus school shutdowns.

(photo courtesy Cleveland Play House)

Click on ZeeBoo to read the article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer!

Center of Hope (Northwest Region)

Center of Hope’s ELEVATE After School Program was featured in the Sojourner’s Truth Newspaper for their Hands of Hope work that continues to provide support to families and students in completing both school work and enrichment activities, based on their expertise in helping students learn and be productive in a non-traditional school environment. This is made possible by collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education and the Toledo Community Foundation, as well as the Lucas County Commissioners and the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority who provide masks for those who need to utilize public transportation. Thank you to JacQui Wilson, Center of Hope Board Member, and State Bank for their contributions too.

To see the COVID-19 response programs in action, please watch this video.

To read the Sojourner’s Truth and Toledo Journal articles on Center of Hope’s efforts please click below:
Center of Hope Family Services Addresses Food Insecurity in its Youth Development and Adult Support Programs (Scroll to Page 9)
Fifteen honored as 2020 Women Warriors

The Afterschool Alliance shared The Branded Startup’s “Nonprofit Survival Guide” for leadership advice, budget adjustments, talking points for donors and funders, and opportunities for growth in the new normal.

We encourage you during this time to share with other programs your innovations and successes amidst Ohio’s ordered school-building closure for COVID-19.

Moving forward, if you would like to be featured, please email a brief description and any attachments/links to Tabitha Palmer, our new 21st CCLC Data Coordinator, at tabitha.palmer@education.ohio.gov by the 9th of each month.

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