21st CCLC Program Shares – May 2020

Kudos to all of our programs during this time. As we practice social distancing and learn new ways to connect with our teams and our students, we hope that these activities shared by the Northwest Ohio and Wood County Educational Service Centers (ESC) help fuel your creativity and passion to continue to support their youth and families via the 21st CCLC grant program. Please read below for more information about the work and accomplishments of the following programs through May 2020:

Northwest Ohio ESC (Defiance Middle School, Delta Elementary, IMG Patrick Henry Elementary, Swanton Middle School, Wauseon Middle School, and Holgate Middle/High School) and Wood County ESC (Community Learning Center)

Defiance Middle School 21st Century After School (Northwest Region)

Defiance MS 21st Century After School students enjoyed exploring the sciences with a frog dissection project. This activity introduced the students to potential careers in the science fields and gave them the opportunity to experience biology up close and personal.

These photos were taken prior to the stay at home order for the State of Ohio.


Delta Elementary (Northwest Region)

Delta Elementary 21st Century After School program is enriched their students’ lives with an introduction to Ocean Science. They enjoyed lessons on vertebrates and invertebrates who live in the ocean and the importance of keeping the ocean healthy. To further the study of ocean life, the students were excited to use acrylic paints while painting a picture of a sea turtle.

These photos were taken prior to the stay at home order for the State of Ohio.

IMG Patrick Henry Elementary (Northwest Region)

The Patrick Henry Elementary 21st Century After School program focuses on the whole child by  incorporating a variety of activities designed to engage community members (shown in the photos below). A local seamstress encouraged the students to express their creativity through sewing. They have created pillows and quilts. Patrick Henry Elementary partnered with the Henry County Senior Center which encouraged seniors to share their love of reading with the students. The students relaxed and refocused after a busy day of school with the guidance of a yoga instructor.

These photos were taken prior to the stay at home order for the State of Ohio.

Swanton MS (Northwest Region)

The Swanton MS 21st Century After School program partnered with the Fulton County Health Department to encourage their students to get active with engaging games and dance routines.  The students learned about healthy food choices and the growth of bacteria on food items by incorporating lessons from The Ohio State University Extension Service. To foster the love of design and creativity, the students were given design instructions to create with LEGOs.

These photos were taken prior to the stay at home order for the State of Ohio.

Wauseon MS (Northwest Region)

Wauseon Middle School and Holgate Middle/High School 21st Century After School programs advance math and literacy skills through partnering with Above Pete’s Garage in Adrian, Michigan. This amazing group of individuals brought their microphones, speakers, and recording technology to the after school programs. They encouraged and guided the students in writing song lyrics and creating melodies. The final step in the series of programs is to record their finished songs.

This video was taken prior to the stay at home order for the State of Ohio.

This link shows video from Holgate MSHS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s9z4pv9d8hxpzyx/APG%20Songwrite%20Promo-1.mp4?dl=0

Wood County ESC Community Learning Centers (Northwest Region)

In preparation for extended closures, we are excited to share that the Community Learning Centers of the Wood County ESC have developed a FREE distance learning, summer and school year Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program called Foundations.  This program is based on a 50-day topical schedule, and is centered around giving students the social emotional building blocks they need to head back into the school year on a strong and positive note.  We believe during these trying times, SEL is a necessary component of the daily school schedule.  Further, this curriculum, which can be utilized over the summer, can give students experience in the distance learning environment, allow them to become accustomed to Google Classroom, and excited about the school year.  Even more importantly, it can be easily added to any pre-existing Google Classroom a district is already administering.

The Foundation skills were created with both 21st CCLC program objectives and the 5 SEL categories in mind, with a team that includes both certified teachers and counselors.  Daily topics include Courage, Confidence, Pride, Leadership, Resilience, Integrity, and each day is a special blend of fun and learning.

In the creation of this program, we had a few primary goals:

  1. To ensure it was self-driven by the student, with minimal parental guidance
  2. To ensure it is easily usable and allows students to become acclimated to learning in an online environment
  3. To make it fun and engaging, encouraging student return
  4. To maintain a Social Emotional Learning topical focus
  5. To include literacy and math objectives, per 21st CCLC objectives
  6. To facilitate in no more than 2 hours daily, and assist parents in breaking up their long summer days

Additional items, such as virtual guided field trips, will be added weekly.  Students are free to log in and complete anytime, and at their own pace.  This module will be available to ANY student.

Follow these steps to access the Foundations Classroom:

  • Create a google account if you do not already have one. (Google Suite accounts/work accounts are not compatible).  Feel free to use foundationsstudents@gmail.com and password: Foundation1! If you do not have a personal Gmail account.
  • Head to the classroom link to view the module: www.classroom.google.com.
  • Select the “Go to Classroom” button.
  • Log in using your personal Gmail account, or the account provided above.
  • Select the plus (+) sign in the right-hand corner of the screen, and then select “Join Class”
  • Enter our class code: CTYXPQW and start learning!

Please share with anyone who may be interested!

We encourage you during this time to share with other programs your innovations and successes amidst Ohio’s ordered school-building closure for COVID-19.

If you would like to be featured on this blog, please email a brief description and any attachments/links to Tabitha Palmer, our 21st CCLC Data Coordinator, at tabitha.palmer@education.ohio.gov by the 9th of each month.

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