21st CCLC General Announcements

A message from Nina Pace – Office of Federal Programs

Nina continues to support our office providing fiscal support, so you will still hear from her on financial issues/budget reviews during the year, etc. Nina asked us to share with you that grantees should have received their initial allocations. Once the final expenditure report (FER) for FY20 is submitted, any carryover amounts will be added to the FY21 allocation.

Program Data End of the Year/Annual Reports are due September 4. Please send all final evaluation reports (for each 21st CCLC grant active in FY20) to AIREvals@education.ohio.gov. Tabitha will address your inquiry at that address if you have questions.

ODE Timeline/Professional Development

The 21st Century timeline and professional development schedule is almost complete. It will be posted the beginning of September as soon as all dates and platforms are confirmed. Keeping safety precautions in mind, all professional development sessions due to take place from September – December will be virtual. This includes sessions provided by the Center for Out-of-School Advancement (COSA).

21APR Database Training

The Department is finalizing our Fall 2019 data submission dates as well as the rescheduled training and rollout of our new 21APR database housed in the ODE compliance system. Please note, use of this system means we will no longer have accounts active for programs on the 21APR federal website – the Department will transfer the data entered in our database via automation.

In the meantime, please be sure your system(s) access is in place by visiting the OH|ID Portal. This is especially important for new grantees/program staff – you must have an OH|ID in place for your OEDS-R Administrator to assign you the necessary roles for system(s) access. This help document from the ODE website explains how to obtain an OH|ID: http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Department-of-Education-OH-ID-Portal-Help.

Additional steps and information will be released regarding your user account setup for the system and training in the coming weeks. If you have any questions regarding the training, please email Tabitha Palmer at tabitha.palmer@education.ohio.gov.

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