21st CCLC Conference Reminders

The Center for Out-of-School Advancement would like to remind you that the virtual 21st CCLC Orientation and Evaluation Conference will be held on 10/1 (Orientation) and 10/2 (Evaluation). Registration is required in advance. Please register at: https://www.cosaohio.org/2020-conference/

Please be sure to register by the end of the day on Tuesday 9/29. Attendance is required for the following individuals:

  1. All program managers are required to attend the opening session from 8:30 AM  – 10:30 AM on Thursday 10/1.
  2. Program managers who hold a first year grant are required to attend all orientation sessions on 10/1. These sessions are noted with an asterisk on the conference agenda.
  3. All program managers and local evaluators are required to attend all evaluation sessions on 10/2. These sessions are noted with an asterisk on the conference agenda.

There will also be content for site coordinators and other direct program staff, so please encourage them to attend as well.

Please visit https://www.cosaohio.org/2020-conference/conference-agenda/ to check out the conference agenda. This is where you will access the links to the live Zoom sessions on 10/1 and 10/2.

Mandatory attendance will be tracked by grant numbers. Please be prepared to enter grant numbers for all grants you’re representing when you sign in for each mandatory session.

OH|ID needed for 21APR Database Access training on 10/2

This session will be a rollout of our new 21APR database housed in the Ohio Department of Education’s compliance system. Use of this system means we will no longer have active accounts for programs on the 21APR federal website – the Department will transfer the data entered in our database via automation.

Please be sure your system(s) access is in place by visiting the OH|ID Portal. This is especially important for new grantees/program staff – you must have an OH|ID in place for your OEDS-R Administrator to assign you the necessary roles for system(s) access. This help document from the ODE website explains how to obtain an OH|ID: http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Department-of-Education-OH-ID-Portal-Help.

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