FY21 ODE Tracking and Monitoring System – 1st Year Implementation and CAPA Survey Questions Now Available!

Due to internal delays with the rollout of the FY21 ODE Tracking and Monitoring System for 21st CCLC, grantees are not expected to have access to their FY2021 1st Year Implementation Phase or Compliance and Performance Assessment (CAPA) Monitoring Surveys (to upload pertinent documentation) until mid-November 2020 (at the earliest).  We will notify program managers once this happens.

In the meantime, to assist you with collecting/organizing your documentation for these reviews, please find the following documents (also located on the Program Monitoring page), ahead of this year’s system trainings and system rollout:

FY21 21st CCLC 1st Year Implementation – Desk Review Survey Questions (Fiscal and Programmatic Components)

FY21 21st CCLC CAPA – Desk Review Survey Questions (Fiscal and Programmatic Components)

FY21 21st CCLC CAPA Virtual Pre-Site Documentation and On-Site Review Checklist


  • You are only required to conduct a desk and/or virtual on-site review if you are in the 1st, 2nd or 4th year – of your 5-year grant cycle.
  • If you did NOT have an in-person on-site visit in FY20 (due to COVID-19), it will be rescheduled as a FY21 VIRTUAL on-site visit – with communication forthcoming from your 21st CCLC Regional Consultant.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, please be prepared to upload 1-2 documents per question/indicator.
  • The virtual pre-site documentation and on-site review checklist will not require any uploads into the monitoring survey, once opened. During that portion of the review, while meeting with your 21st CCLC Regional Consultant, you will be asked to share your documents or programmatic components on-screen. A more detailed overview will be provided at this year’s Tracking and Monitoring System Trainings.
  • 1st Year Implementation documentation reflects the CURRENT 2020-2021 SY.
  • 2nd/4th year CAPA documentation reflects the PREVIOUS 2019-2020 SY, with the exception of the current building and/or district safety protocols for the 2020-2021 SY (under the Program Management section).
  • There will be no change in the 1st Year/CAPA Fiscal and Programmatic documentation upload deadline of December 18, 2020.  Grantees should reach out to their 21st CCLC Regional Consultants directly, if more time is needed.

We are asking for your patience as we work to get program managers/other pertinent program staff access to this year’s monitoring surveys – so you may begin uploading your CAPA documentation.  Please contact your 21st CCLC Regional Consultant directly with any questions.

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