November Announcements

21APR Data Entry: Progress and Errors

We still have eleven grantees who show a status of “not started” in the compliance system for entry for their fall 2019 21APR data. This is a good example of why it is important that a program manager is designated for your grant and the email account for that contact is checked regularly. If each grant for which you entered data does not have a “submitted fall” status, please reach out to Tabitha Palmer as soon as possible to remedy the situation preventing you from completing your submission (the screenshot below shows “submitted fall” displayed under completion status). Please refer to the following posts regarding step-by-step directions and common errors related to the data entry process (and note we are no longer using the federal 21APR website for our data entry).

Program managers should expect two emails from us:

  1. A system-generated message alerting you to your “not started” status in the compliance system for the 21APR data (if applicable); then
  2. A merged email message from Tabitha Palmer regarding errors in your data entry.

This error report for your program will alert you to one or more errors in your data entry that will prevent our Department from submitting the information to the federal level database. In preparation for this message, please review the error definitions document below.

Error Definitions

Please refer to the user guide if you need directions on how to address errors in your data.

FY21 21st CCLC Tracking and Monitoring System Training – Reference Materials/Feedback Survey

The 21st CCLC office would like to thank everyone who attended the FY21 – 21st CCLC Tracking and Monitoring System Training on Monday, November 9 and/or Friday, November 13 – held virtually via Microsoft Teams. 

As promised, please find the FINAL FY21 Tracking and Monitoring system training presentation slides and the link to the Department’s system training recording (via the Department’s YouTube page).

PLEASE NOTE: to see the presenter’s notes in the attached presentation slides, please look for the icon in the left-hand corner – and you can either hovering over or double-clicking it – to access the content:

Since last week’s trainings, an additional slide was added – to reflect how you should properly SUBMIT your survey once it is completed.  Please see Slide #32 (listed as Step 17) of the attached.  You will also note that this item was not mentioned during the actual training, as this office was only recently made aware of this change.

Due to ongoing system delays, the ODE Monitoring System application opening is now tentatively scheduled to occur by 11/30/2020.  We will provide an update once it is confirmed by the Department’s IT Development team.  Grantees in years 1, 2, or 4 of the grant cycle should continue organizing your documentation to prepare – as listed on the 21st CCLC blog.  For grantees in Year 3 that did not have an on-site visit (due to COVID-19), no further work in the system is needed at this time.  Your regional consultant will follow up with you directly regarding your virtual on-site visit.

If you feel that you may not meet the December 18th deadline to complete this task, please communicate directly with your regional consultant.

We also ask that you please take a few minutes to complete the FY21 21st CCLC Tracking and Monitoring System Training – Feedback SurveyThe survey will close on Monday, November 23rd by 5:00 pm.  Your feedback is vital to our future planning and is greatly appreciated. 

Please reach out directly to Charmaine with any system-related questions.  In the meantime, have a safe and healthy school year!

URGENT: $500 Mini-Grants for High School Entrepreneur Education in Out-of-School Time (Deadline 11/23/20)

The Ohio Afterschool Network is thrilled to help bring entrepreneurship education to young people in afterschool and out-of-school time programs across the state of Ohio! To support the efforts of youth-serving organizations in facilitating high-quality and engaging entrepreneur education, we are pleased to offer $500 Entrepreneur Education Mini-Grants. The funds can be used for staff time, field trip transportation, materials, prizes, pitch event refreshments, or any other expenses related to entrepreneurship education for Ohio high school students in out-of-school time programs or clubs.

The Mini-Grant deliverables are to facilitate a minimum of five educational sessions (in-person or virtual), and hold an in-person or virtual pitch challenge before February 22, 2021. OAN will issue payment in advance, not as a reimbursement. Programs are not required to use a specific curriculum but are encouraged to consider using free curricula provided by OAN partners Young Entrepreneur Institute and VentureLab.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please email Liz Nusken ( the following information by Monday, November 23rd:

  1. Contact person name, title, email address and phone number
  2. Organization Name (as it should appear on the check),Tax ID number, and mailing address
  3. Name of the afterschool program or club (if different from organization name)
  4. Number of high school students you believe will participate
  5. When you anticipate delivering the entrepreneur education lessons 
  6. When you anticipate holding your in-person or virtual program pitch challenge (can be approximate date)
  7. Any support from OAN or the Young Entrepreneur Institute that would be helpful

Required reporting is simple and due March 12, 2021:

  1. Number of high school students who participated
  2. Date your pitch challenge was held
  3. A picture from your entrepreneurship lessons or pitch challenge, with signed photo releases, that OAN can use in our newsletter and/or on our website
  4. Names and organizational affiliation of community members involved in your entrepreneurship work who served as guest speakers, judges, volunteers, donors, or were involved in another way.

We encourage you and your students to also participate in the Young Entrepreneur Institute’s pitch challenge if your program is in northeast Ohio, the Ohio Afterschool Network Pitch Challenge (information coming soon), Ohio STEM Learning Network’s Design Challenge and/or the Invention Convention.

If you would like an Entrepreneur Education Mini-Grant, please email Liz Nusken ( the requested information and copy Laura Clark ( by Monday, November 23rd, 2020 – or sooner!  Entrepreneur Education Mini-Grants will be awarded to the first 15 who apply.

Beyond the Classroom Monthly: Mathematics Workshops for Students in Grades 7-12

Beyond the Classroom Monthly is a series of hands-on workshops that invite students in grades 7 to 12 to explore math in a nontraditional environment. These free, virtual, monthly workshops are hosted by The Ohio State University at

The topic for November is mazes. Can you come up with a mathematical recipe to create mazes? Join us to find your way through a labyrinth and unwind its mysteries. Whether you already are a fan or not, you are sure to be captured by their appeal as you create your own winding maze.

When: November 21, 2020 at 11:ooam

Learn more and register at

Funding available for development of local Get Connected projects

ServeOhio has funding available to support the development of volunteer resources in underserved regions of Ohio. Funds of up to $25,000 will be awarded to organizations who will launch a local Get Connected Volunteer Connector website. Successful organizations will partner with nonprofit, community, and faith-based partners to populate the local Get Connected site with volunteer opportunities and conduct outreach and marketing in the community to encourage residents to find volunteer opportunities. All volunteer opportunities will feed up to the statewide Get Connected volunteer portal.  Learn more at our technical assistance session on November 20th from 10 – 11 AM. Register for the T/A session here.

Learn more at the Serve Ohio website:

Check out other Serve Ohio news items at their blog here.

Logic Model Submissions due December 4th

Our timeline includes directions for submitting your logic models to our office. They should be sent emailed to Submit logic models individually using this subject line: Grant name (Grant #) – Site Name – Logic Model (please note your grant number is not your IRN).

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