21APR Data Entry: Update

We still have two grantees who have 21stCCLC sites showing a status of “not started” in the compliance system for entry for their fall 2019 21APR data.

 Thank you all for working with our office to correct the errors in your data (sent via email before the Thanksgiving holiday). If each grant for which you entered data does not have a “submitted fall” status, please correct any errors and submit so we can approve your surveys (the screenshot below shows “submitted fall” displayed under completion status). Please refer to the following posts regarding step-by-step directions and common errors related to the data entry process (and note we are no longer using the federal 21APR website for our data entry).

These error definitions and the user guide should provide all guidance needed to address errors in your data.

Error 1 (activities data) is the most common error for this reporting period. Page 20 in the user guide contains detailed directions for reporting activities under the ENSURING QUALITY DATA REPORTING section. Pay special attention to the times per week/month questions. If you prefer to re(watch) the training video, refer to this point in the video for a demonstration.

Due to COVID-19, many grantees did not have the assessment data needed to report outcomes data. For this reason, if you have not already submitted your survey/corrections, please mark “no” for these sections even if you entered partial data – this will allow us to maintain the data we have internally without the appearance of missing the rest of the data when we submit them to the federal level. 21st CCLC staff will work with our system developers to make this change for grantees that already submitted their corrections/data.

Below is a still from the training video showing the outcomes sections for which we ask you to select “no” if you have not already submitted your survey.

Thank you everyone for your patience as we complete our first reporting period using the new system. If your error corrections need further attention, we will reach out to you for assistance before 12/18/20.

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