FY21 Monitoring Application – Assistance with Document Upload Feature

The Department’s 21st CCLC team received several inquiries today regarding the look and functionality of the Monitoring application – specifically, the ability to UPLOAD and/or designate a DOCUMENT TYPE.

Some of our grantees have encountered a screen that looks similar to the screenshot below:

Some have also experienced the following message on their screen: “Looks like something went wrong with your request. If the problem persists please try again later. Thank you for your patience.”

If the above two issues pertain to you and your current work in the Monitoring application, the Department’s IT Development Team advises that you CLEAR YOUR CACHE. Please follow these instructions below, to clear the cache of your computer – using Google CHROME as a preferred browser for this application.

Instructions to Clear Cache – for Google Chrome

Once you have followed the instructions step-by-step, please log out of your OH|ID account – logging back in to access the Monitoring application. This should assist in beginning the process of uploading/designating document types once again.

If there are any additional questions regarding the application system, please contact Charmaine Davis-Bey (Compliance/Monitoring System Lead) directly at charmaine.davis@education.ohio.gov. If your inquiry involves a system-related issue, please be prepared to share screenshots in your response to her – for our IT Development Team’s reference.

She will be available through the holiday season, via the following dates:

Monday, December 21st – Thursday, December 24th

Monday, December 28 – Thursday, December 31st

The 21st CCLC team thanks you all for your hard work and due diligence – may you all have a wonderful holiday season!

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