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Ohio Programs Featured In National Summer Learning Association Webinar

Join the National Summer Learning Association’s February 3rd Voices of Summer “Entrepreneur Education: Harness Students’ Talents and Passions” webinar and hear from Ohio youth development professionals and educators.

Stacy Ward-Braxton, New Life Community Development Corporation; Dr. Anisha Daniels, Community Building Institute of Middletown, Marie Edwards, Community Building Institute of Middletown, and Carla Neely, Warner Girls’ Leadership Academy will share how they used entrepreneurship education to help students develop their talents and passions, engage students in learning and help them think of themselves as problem solvers.

Join this session to learn about entrepreneurial education as well as free k-12 resources and events that are flexible and can be facilitated in virtual or in-person environments, and also support other program goals such as social-emotional learning, career readiness, STEM, and service learning.

Entrepreneurship is more than starting a business, it’s a way of thinking and acting. It’s a mindset and set of skills. Mindsets such as creativity, opportunity seeking, adaptability, persistence, and optimism help students reframe problems as opportunities and feel empowered to exert agency in their own lives. These same entrepreneurial mindsets and skills are critical to student success, both in and out of the classroom. They are also high-demand, employability skills in today’s workforce. Through entrepreneurship programming, engage your local civic, business, and elected leaders to participate as mentors, guest speakers, and pitch challenge judges and watch them become champions for your youth and your programs.

Learn more about the February 3rd 2:00PM webinar and register for it here.

Students Shine with Ohio Afterschool Network’s Winter Pitch Challenge

Have your students enter pitch videos in the Ohio Afterschool Network’s Winter Pitch Challenge and compete for prizes! Deadline to enter is March 8th.

Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place in elementary, middle and high school categories. First place wins a $500 Amazon gift card, $250 for second and $100 for third. First place winners also win a free consultation with a successful entrepreneur. All who enter can apply for a VentureLab Spark Program scholarship (valued at $2,000) which includes 3 months of entrepreneurship mentoring and up to $500 in start-up materials.

Introducing students to entrepreneurship using one of several free, easy to facilitate curricula (for in-person, virtual and blended environments) is fun and helps students build entrepreneurial mindsets that will pave the way for them to be successful in school work and life, whether or not they go on to become entrepreneurs. Mindsets and skill sets essential in today’s changing world that can be sharpened when learning about entrepreneurship include resourcefulness, problem solving, curiosity, opportunity seeking, adaptability, learning from failure and creativity. Additionally, students learn to navigate ambiguity, exert agency over their own learning, and can better understand the purpose of learning.

Teaching students about entrepreneurship is a powerful strategy for authentically engaging business and community leaders in your youth-serving program as guest speakers, pitch contest judges, and student mentors. Hosting a pitch contest is a newsworthy event and opportunity for your program to get covered by local media!


·  Free K-12 curricula available from VentureLab and Young Entrepreneur Institute (or check out other curricula on YEI’s website)

·  Check out top videos from OAN’s Summer Pitch Challenge on OAN’s YouTube Channel

·  Rules and more information are available on OAN’s website

Contact Liz Nusken, if you have questions or would like to schedule a technical assistance session!

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