Effective management of its grant is an important goal for every 21st Century Community Learning Center. Nina Pace is the Financial Program Manager for Ohio’s 21st Century Community Learning Center program. Address fiscal questions to or (614) 387-0344


Please review the updated fiscal guidance for managing 21st CCLC grants:  

21st CCLC Expenses – Allowable and Unallowable

2015-001 Obligations and Factors Affecting Allowability of Costs

GM Severance Pay Guidance 2015-002

2015-003 Travel Guidance

The Project Cash Request

Budget Revisions

21st CCLC Grant Closing Guidelines

Inventory Disposition Request Form – This form should be completed for the GRANT CLOSE-OUT survey and uploaded as evidence under question #4.

Here are fiscal presentations from past Expanded Learning Summits:

FY19 –

Understanding the Basics of Managing a 21st CCLC Grant

Barriers and Resolutions of Fiscal Management of Your 21st CCLC Grant

Leveraging Funds to Ensure Long-Term Sustainability

Grant Closing

FY18 –

Developing Blue Skies While Managing Your Grant 

Fiscal Management

FY17 –

Blended vs Braided Funds

Don’t Shipwreck Your Budget

Managing Your Grant 



Resource Links for Sustainability Planning:

The Finance Project

The Sustainability Planning Workbook – The Finance Project

Skilltastics PPT

The National Center for Community Education in collaboration with the Afterschool Alliance Road to Success

The Wallace Foundation: The Cost of Quality Out of School Time

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