Program Monitoring Resources

The purpose of the monitoring site visit is to support ongoing quality improvement and to assure compliance, including fiscal compliance, with federal and state 21st CCLC grant program requirements.

All 21st CCLC programs will undergo a 1st Year Implementation desk review and receive Compliance and Performance Assessment (CAPA) monitoring visits in Years 2 and 4 of their grant cycle.   If appropriate, program staff may need to complete a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) to address any non-compliance.

COVID-19 and 21st CCLC – Guidance *AS OF 3/26/20*

FY20 21st CCLC Continuing Grantee Webinar

FY20 21st CCLC Monitoring Survey – First Year Implementation Review/Fiscal Component for First Year Grant 

FY20 21st CCLC Monitoring Survey – 2nd and/or 4th Year CAPA Review/Fiscal Component for Continuing Grant 

FY20 21st CCLC Compliance System Training Presentation (PPT Slides)

FY21 21st CCLC Continuation Plan Training – PowerPoint Presentation (PPT Slides)

FY21 21st CCLC – CCIP Job Aid 

Ohio’s K-12 Standards Resource Guide- Final

21st CCLC Equitable Services Resources:

FAQ’s of Equitable Services (Updated February 2020)

Sample Communication to Non-Publics (Updated December 2019)

21st CCLC Sustainability Resources:

Sustainability Plan Template

Creating Your Sustainability Plan Worksheet (from

21st CCLC Program Implementation Checklist (from

Creating a Program Elevator Pitch (from

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