Service Learning

As an instructional tool, Service Learning can benefit 21st CCLC programs and support the required Program Performance Objectives (PPO):  Math, Reading, Positive Youth Development, and Parent and Family Engagement.  When implemented with fidelity, Service Learning also meets the requirements that all 21st CCLC programs or activities must be based on the following Principles of Effectiveness as identified in the USDOE guidelines, (Title IV, Part B, Section 4205 [b] ESEA).

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Quality Service Learning projects address the following concepts:

RIGOR: How has service-learning helped your students achieve at a higher level and to a greater depth?

RELEVANCE: How has service-learning helped make connections to the real world and developed knowledge and skills that matter in a new and deeper way?

RELATIONSHIPS: How did the students develop a stronger sense of community among themselves and with the larger community?

Service Learning Project Demonstrations

These projects were completed under the previously funded Learn and Serve grant in coordination with Partnerships Make a Difference and the Growing Together Service Learning Network.  For more information regarding Partnerships Make a Difference, please call 614-488-3459.

Build a BoatSt. James

Kids for CrittersBarringtonE

Dublin Food PantryWBA

Dawson’s Doggie TreatsEmerson

Traumatic Brain Injury-P. Reed

Special OlympicsEmerson

Run the RaceSt. James

Reading BuddiesBuckey

Preschool BuddiesJones

Positive PlantsHanby

21st Century Service-learning Project

Program: Vinton Elementary Gallia County Schools

Contact: Lynn Arnott and Tondra Williams

Email: and gl_twilliams

Title: Vinton Elementary Giving Gardeners

Purpose: Students learned about planting, growing, soil, and soil erosion through a variety of service-learning projects.

Partners: Gallia county ESC, Gallia county Local Schools, Fellowship Chapel, Rural King, parents, spouses and other members of the community.

Curriculum Links: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science.  The project had clear goals, enabled students to transfer knowledge, and aligned to state Common Core Standards.

This school-wide service-learning project engaged over 125 students grades 3 – 5, 59 males and 66 females, with 10 adult volunteers from the community, for a period to include May 30 – June 30, 2013.  Students were involved in developing and designing their service-learning project by building on an existing project called “Snack Pack Program” to help provide canned food for those in need.  Alternatively, discussion about the canned food drive evolved into a desire to plant a sustainable community garden and grow fresh produce as a way to address hunger issues in the community.  The enthusiasm did not stop there, students also wanted to do something for their school and the seniors in their community, so in addition to planting and harvesting the garden they landscaped the entrance of their school and built an awesome planter for the Senior Citizen Center. Vinton Elementary community service (2)

The best thing about the service-learning project was that students felt a sense of pride, purpose, ownership, and accomplishment. Nothing intimidated them. They completed difficult tasks, enjoyed the hands on activity, and were very eager to learn.  They had great enthusiasm and could not wait to tell other students about the stepping-stones, rain barrel, and how they improved the playground by controlling erosion. The students loved this project, developed empathy for the seniors and it fostered a greater connection to the school and the community.  Students are very eager to do more service-learning projects in the future.


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