Law and Guidance

The 21st Century Community Learning Centers initiative was launched under the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Click here to see the law framing the program.

The office of 21st CCLC recommends a thorough review of the Non-Regulatory Guidance when developing and implementing 21st CCLC programming. Click here to see the guidance document.

Equitable Services

Here is the link to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Section 9501, Participation by Private School Children and Teachers:

Youth Development Exemption

Ohio Revised Code 5104.02(B)8 provides guidelines for exemption to youth development programs operated outside of school hours by a community- or faith-based organization. To request this exemption, please email Tabitha Palmer a justification of how you meet all categories of the revised code on your organization’s letterhead. Please ensure your request includes the IRN and grant number(s) for each grant for which you are requesting exemption (including proof of tax-exempt status). This must be in place prior to beginning operations. There is no law exempting school districts from licensing.

From Ohio Revised Code 5104.02(B)8:

(8) A youth development program (is) operated outside of school hours…all of the following (must) apply:

(a) The children enrolled in the program are under nineteen years of age and enrolled in or eligible to be enrolled in a grade of kindergarten or above;

(b) The program provides informal care, which is care that does not require parental signature, permission, or notice for the child receiving the care to enter or leave the program;

(c) The program provides any of the following supervised activities: educational, recreational, culturally enriching, social, and personal development activities; and

(d) The entity operating the program is exempt from federal income taxation pursuant to 26 U.S.C. 501(a) and (c)(3).

For any other inquiries regarding licensure, please refer to the Department’s School Age Child Care Licensing information here.

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