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21st CCLC Program Shares – April 2020

Kudos to all of our programs during this time. As we practice social distancing and learn new ways to connect with our teams and our students, Communities in Schools (GEMS K-5 Program), Wood County ESC (Rossford STARS Program), the CARE Program at Cleveland Playhouse and Center of Hope (ELEVATE After School Program) continue to support their youth and families via the 21st CCLC grant program. Please read below for more information for each grantee’s current work/accomplishments through April 2020:

Communities in Schools (Central Region)

Attached are photos from the Communities In Schools GEMS K-5 After School Program (hover for captions):

These photos were taken prior to the stay at home order for the State of Ohio.

Wood County ESC (Northwest Region)

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Community Learning Centers of the Wood County ESC are trying to find ways to continually engage our students from a distance.

Miss Taylor, Site Supervisor of the Rossford STARS Program, has gone above and beyond in not only finding unique activities that students can do from home, but ones that are also motivating and enlightening, especially during this time of unknown.  These links show what she has done to spread some cheer and positivity to our STARS students and local community.  Not only do we like to share the amazing things our program does, but we like to highlight the incredible staff we have as well.

Miss Taylor’s Window Art

Sidewalk Chalk Art!

Cleveland Playhouse (Northeast Region)

ZeeBooZeeBoo is a teddy bear puppet used in CARE (Compassionate Arts Remaking Education) classes at the Cleveland Playhouse. He provides a listening ear for students to tell their fears to. ZeeBoo is now part of CARE’s online classes to help kids navigate their feelings of confusion and anger over the coronavirus school shutdowns.

(photo courtesy Cleveland Play House)

Click on ZeeBoo to read the article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer!

Center of Hope (Northwest Region)

Center of Hope’s ELEVATE After School Program was featured in the Sojourner’s Truth Newspaper for their Hands of Hope work that continues to provide support to families and students in completing both school work and enrichment activities, based on their expertise in helping students learn and be productive in a non-traditional school environment. This is made possible by collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education and the Toledo Community Foundation, as well as the Lucas County Commissioners and the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority who provide masks for those who need to utilize public transportation. Thank you to JacQui Wilson, Center of Hope Board Member, and State Bank for their contributions too.

To see the COVID-19 response programs in action, please watch this video.

To read the Sojourner’s Truth and Toledo Journal articles on Center of Hope’s efforts please click below:
Center of Hope Family Services Addresses Food Insecurity in its Youth Development and Adult Support Programs (Scroll to Page 9)
Fifteen honored as 2020 Women Warriors

The Afterschool Alliance shared The Branded Startup’s “Nonprofit Survival Guide” for leadership advice, budget adjustments, talking points for donors and funders, and opportunities for growth in the new normal.

We encourage you during this time to share with other programs your innovations and successes amidst Ohio’s ordered school-building closure for COVID-19.

Moving forward, if you would like to be featured, please email a brief description and any attachments/links to Tabitha Palmer, our new 21st CCLC Data Coordinator, at tabitha.palmer@education.ohio.gov by the 9th of each month.

New CCLC Team Members at Your Service

This March brought 21CCLC two new staff members to our team. Please join us in welcoming Ludia Dorelien as the team’s Grant Manager and Tabitha Palmer as the new Data Coordinator.

Ludia Dorelien, 21st CCLC Grant Managerludia


Ludia will serve in this leadership capacity managing team contracts and MOUs, internal and external communication, grantee professional development oversight, the Central Region 21CCLC grant programs, continuous quality improvement process and a host of other duties. Ludia brings many years of experience and knowledge that can only assist us in moving forward in our internal and external operational growth.

Ludia has a lifelong commitment to serving others – through ministry work, volunteering in her community, and serving Ohio’s vulnerable youth via the Ohio Department of Education – she is passionate about supporting those in need. Ludia served as the liaison for the State Advisory Panel for Exceptional Children for two years, where she had the opportunity to listen and learn from other parents and individuals with disabilities about their experiences with education.

Prior to joining the Department, Ludia worked in the Office of Student Life for six years, serving students at The Ohio State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology.

As strong believer in the power of positive thinking, Ludia loves sharing uplifting and encouraging words whenever she has a chance. In her free time, she enjoys reading to expand her knowledge, spending time with her son and playing the violin. As a new member of this team, Ludia relishes the opportunity to serve, once again, in a different capacity and is genuinely moved by the work done by 21st CCLC sites across the state, providing students and families access to high quality educational experiences.

IMG_20180511_105732_911Tabitha Palmer, 21st CCLC Data Coordinator


Tabitha replaces Stacia Ashley, and will serve as a data coordinator for the team. She will be in regular contact with 21CCLC grantees around program data collection and management. She will work closely with the 21APR system and ensure the external evaluator needs are met. To add, Tabitha manages the STARS system, 21CCLC Blog site, survey system and a host of other duties. Tabitha has served in other offices within ODE bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience (preschool licensing, special education and literacy initiatives).

As a project manager, art teacher and registered nurse she feels deep concern for all vulnerable populations, especially children. Tabitha believes services under this grant have the potential to keep at-risk kids from falling “through the cracks” and sees special opportunities during this stay-at-home order to learn to use our technology to provide remote supports .

She spends weekends with her partner and canine pal at their Wayne National Forest homestead and looks forward to planting their largest garden ever.

COSA – REVISED Spring 2020 Regional Training Schedule Now Available!

Please see communication below, sent on behalf of the COSA Team:

Hello 21st CCLC Grantees,

On behalf of the entire COSA team, I hope you are staying safe and well during this challenging time period. Please know that our team is here to support you in any way that we can as you navigate through providing services under the current circumstances.

The COVID-19 restrictions have also caused us to restructure the upcoming round of regional trainings. Please be assured that we will still be hosting meetings. However, instead of seeing you in person we’ll be seeing you online via Zoom!

The Zoom portion of the training will last approximately 1 hour. During this session, you will hear important updates from ODE and also have an opportunity to connect with fellow grantees to talk about the strategies you’re currently implementing to continue services for your students and families.

COSA is currently putting together a recorded webinar that will serve as the professional development portion of the training. This webinar will be sent to all of you along with a brief assessment. Anyone who returns the completed assessment to their regional mentor will receive their participation certificate via email.

Please feel free to contact Mark Noftz (mnoftz@cosaohio.org) with any questions regarding the trainings. We look forward to seeing you online soon!

Description: These COSA regional meetings will serve as an opportunity for grantees to receive important 21st CCLC updates from ODE. Grantees will also have an opportunity to share how they’re currently providing services for students and families during the COVID-19 epidemic. No registration is required – just click on the region’s Zoom link(s) below to participate.



Friday, 3/27/20 – starting at 10:00 AM

Central Region COSA Training – Zoom Link



Friday, 4/3/20 – starting at 10:00 AM

Southeast Region COSA Training – Zoom Link



Friday, 4/3/20 – starting at 11:30 AM

Northeast Region COSA Training – Zoom Link



Thursday, 4/16/20 – starting at 10:30 AM

Northwest Region COSA Training – Zoom Link



Wednesday, 4/15/20 – starting at 10:30 AM

Southwest Region COSA Training – Zoom Link





21st CCLC Programming – UPDATED Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance [as of 3-25-20]

Greetings 21st CCLC Grantees,

The updated information – to help inform the actions of 21st Century Community Learning Centers program providers during this period – is now available for your review on the ODE website HEREIt will also be on the Program Monitoring Resources page moving forward.

Please refer to this information as you continue practicing social distancing to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19. The guide will assist you and your staff as you continue to support your students and families. You should refer to the document for the list of the appropriate 21st CCLC program staff to contact, if you have inquiries.

Thank you again for your patience, and please disseminate this information to all 21st Century Community Learning Centers program staff.

Regularly updated Ohio Department of Education news regarding COVID-19 available

The Ohio Department of Education’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) web page provides information and resources regarding the ordered school-building closure including an FAQ document that is updated regularly.

During the ordered school-building closure period, schools may continue to receive reimbursement for meals served by participating in the Seamless Summer Option (SSO) or the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). Schools may operate as open, restricted open or targeted outreach sites. Refer to the map and map site key for available meal service in your area.

Please check the aforementioned site for updates as they become available.

Free Zoom training opportunities for all Ohio school districts!

Zoom video collaboration software enables teachers and students take part in high-quality, live, online learning opportunities. Zoom requires no special technology, and participants can use it on any platform including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebooks. Students situated remotely and lacking computers or smart devices still can receive audio instruction using a telephone.

Educators who missed the last Zoom training can attend the next Zoom as a Teacher-Host webinar series or watch any of the previously recorded webinars online. There is no fee or registration for the webinars.

21st CCLC Programming – Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE

Greetings 21st CCLC Grantees,

During the ordered school-building closure period, school buildings are closed to students. The goal of this action is to slow the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure the health and safety of our state and local communities. The governor, however, has directed that schools should work to provide education through alternative means to the extent practicable and based on each district and school’s capacity.

21st Century Community Learning Centers program providers can be an important component to continuing to support students. However, it is likely that delivery of program activities will be different during this closure period. When making decisions about program activities involving students, providers should consider the following three questions. These considerations are designed to drive practical approaches that are sensitive to ensuring the health and safety of students, educators and the community:

1. Is the activity essential?

2. Can the activity be done virtually?

3. If there is no other choice, can the activity be done safely? This means individuals are separated by distance, not congregating in close proximity and the health of participants (students, educators and others) is protected.

Consulting the local health department is advisable and encouraged.

Please find the 21st CCLC/COVID-19 Guidance Document – for your reference.  It will also be on the Program Monitoring Resources page moving forward.

The information in this document is intended to help inform the actions of 21st Century Community Learning Centers program providers during this period. Please refer to Ohio Department of Education’s website for up-to-date information.

As we are practicing social distancing to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19, there are ways to be flexible and creative in how we continue to support our students most in need. The guidance document provides you with a list of the appropriate program staff to contact, if you have inquiries.

Thank you for your patience, and please disseminate this information to all 21st Century Community Learning Centers program staff.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – To Current 21st CCLC Grantees

Greetings 21st Century Program Managers and Staff:

We would like to thank you all for your dedication to serving Ohio students in our after-school programs. The Department is in receipt of all your inquiries during Ohio’s ordered school building closures. During this period of school building closures, all 21st CCLC programs are required to shut down to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We are anticipating detailed guidance internally (ODE) and externally (USDOE) to assist in responding to your inquiries. At this juncture, our office cannot provide guidance regarding the use of funds for payment of staffWe also cannot advise on if remote program activities are allowable in terms of sustaining program activity during this time.

All planning and programming should be placed on hold until further guidance has been provided. We will keep you all informed as we learn more.  Please continue to reach out and let us know how we can assist you.



21st CCLC Program Shares – March 2020

Kudos to Omega Community Development Corporation, Western Buckeye ESC and Richmond Heights Local SD for the work they are doing for their youth and families via the 21st CCLC grant program, and the impact it is leaving on the communities served!

Please read below for more information for each grantee’s current work/accomplishments through March 2020:

Omega Community Development Corporation (Southwest Region) – Monthly Newsletter – March 2020

*Click on the image for the full newsletter*

Omega - March 2020 Newsletter Clip

Western Buckeye ESC (Northwest Region) – Programming Highlights

The 21st CCLC site at Grover Hill Elementary hosted Buckeyeman, who talked about the benefits and joys of testing.  This was an assembly for the school to hear that everything you want to do in life revolves around taking some kind of test.  Drivers license, schooling, etc.


Richmond Heights Local School District (Northeast Region) – Programming Highlights

In their 21st CCLC program at Richmond Heights Local Schools, the students of the RiseUp Afterschool Program are leading a broadcasting club called Spartan Nation News (after their mascot).

The students have been creating news segments – creating a special edition called Becoming Black History.  They have featured late comedian John Witherspoon, award-winning gymnast Simone Biles, and now, late basketball superstar Kobe Bryant.

Check out the Kobe Bryant edition below, as well as the link for a commercial students created, to spread the word about their program!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IylV2XHn7BE  (Kobe)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=352rDZUbHjg (program commercial)


If you have program highlights that you would like to share, please email Charmaine Davis-Bey with a brief description and any attachments/links at charmaine.davis@education.ohio.gov by the 9th of every month: